Change is in the air.

Big institutions are faltering under the pressure of enraged citizens and employee activists. Climate change is destroying species and habitats while generating a diaspora of environmental refugees.

And. Creativity and compassion are potent forces in our world too. 

Wisdom is our currency. We’ve seen enough of the world to not be fooled by it. And, we are hopeful because we know the true resilient reality of humans and the world in which we live. We have seen heartbreak and weathered storms and come through. We see and acknowledge the ways in which the system supported us and held us back. We believe that it’s time for the new wisdom that is emerging everywhere—within every age group — to take root and create a new reality that replaces the machine that has come to dominate, shape and drive the ticking of our every day lives. We are ready to question the assumptions: consumption, acquisitiveness, isolation, discord, zero sum game.

We’re here to tell stories, create change, and build a resilient world that works for all.